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By on May 12, 2016

Last week I talked about the LinkedIn Mobile App and how to utilize it to keep up with your network. Today, I want to talk about another mobile app from LinkedIn: LinkedIn Groups (currently available only on  iOS platform).

One of the strategies I often talk about to maximize the benefits of using LinkedIn as a prospecting and research tool is participating in LinkedIn groups. I assume those of you who are active on LinkedIn already participate in groups.

But what groups are you a part of? Insurance industry groups? Or groups with people who are your target market?

Being active in the right LinkedIn groups can be a very effective strategy for becoming more visible as an insurance authority in your target markets. The key to benefiting from participation in LinkedIn groups is to take action and be consistent.

I know your calendar is crammed, but I promise, once you’ve built up a habit of regularly contributing and participating, it should not take more than 10 minutes of your day. And, the LinkedIn Groups Mobile App makes it even easier to make use of your downtime time between appointments.

LinkedIn Groups  allows you to interact with your groups with the convenience and speed of your mobile device.

Here are a few things you can do:

1) Touching the Highlights icon will show you highlights of posts, comments, and conversations from the various groups where you are a member. You can like and comment on the post directly from the app.

2) Touching the Groups icon allows you to view the LinkedIn groups you are currently a member of.

3) Touching the Discovery icon allows you to search for new groups and submit a request to join.

Use LinkedIn Mobile App to use Groups

Tips for maximizing your success with LinkedIn groups:

1. Introduce yourself.

When you first join a group, introduce yourself — be personal and share a story about yourself that makes you memorable. You want to make an impression.

2. Get involved in the discussions.

Don’t just be a lurker. Reply to other members’ posts, give them a response and thank them for sharing. By doing so, you increase your visibility. You also show authority in your field. Challenge people’s opinions if they differ from yours, but remember to keep a professional tone and be friendly. This should help create a healthy discussion.

3. Start a discussion.

Try to do this once a week and make sure you go out of your way to provide value. People will see your insurance expertise when you share valuable and actionable information. Ask a question to the group that’s thought provoking — it will encourage people to comment.

4. Respond to questions.

Respond to other comments to show that you are listening and interested. It is part of “group etiquette.” Try to reply with a question to keep the discussion going.

5. Share other people’s content.

Tag the author in your share — it can start a whole new conversation. This can begin a valuable relationship once the author and others view your profile and send you a connection request.


Using LinkedIn Groups is a great way to be strategic in your prospecting.

Are you using LinkedIn to build relationships with prospects? How? Share in the comments below.

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