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By on May 5, 2016

It has been a while since I have written about LinkedIn. It is an essential networking and prospecting tool. Any commercial insurance producer who takes the time to learn how to master this platform will see their sales and income increase.

One of the LinkedIn tools that have recently been updated is the mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The app makes it easier than ever to keep up with your network by allowing you to stay seamlessly in touch when you have a few minutes between appointments.

Linkedin Mobile App

Here is a quick overview of what the app allows you to do. To navigate between tabs, just tap the icons in the navigation bar at the bottom. Here is what the tabs allow you to access.

Home tab: Contains your main LinkedIn Feed with updates and posts from your connections, groups, and companies you follow. You can share text, links, and photos that will be seen by your connections as well as followers. You can follow or unfollow companies and people, so you get the updates you want.

My Network tab: Provides a daily briefing on what’s happening in your network, including job changes, work anniversaries, and any new posts that your connections have published. You will also find invitations people have sent to connect. I find it much easier to use the app to review connections requests. You can also access a full list of your LinkedIn connections and add connections from suggested People You May Know or your mobile device’s contacts.

Messaging tab: This tab gives you a casual way to have professional conversations with your connections. You can see any InMail messages you have received and respond to them.

Notifications tab: This tab is your hub for in-app notifications about your endorsements, who’s viewed your profile, activity on content you’ve shared, and more. At the top, you can work anniversary and birthdays and efficiently respond with your congratulations. This is an excellent way to build engagement.

Me tab: This is where you access your profile, account settings, information about who’s viewed your profile, updates you’ve shared, and in-app notifications about discussions in LinkedIn Groups, your endorsements, and more.

This completely redesigned app was released earlier this year. The mobile app development team at LinkedIn closely monitors feedback from LinkedIn members and updates the app as needed.

I find the LinkedIn Mobile App to be a great tool to stay in touch with my network. How are you using LinkedIn to generate leads, sales, and more income? Let me know in the comment section belowl

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