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By on Sep 10, 2015

As you might know already, I believe LinkedIn is the most underused commercial insurance prospecting tool available to agencies. Using the LinkedIn publishing platform and getting featured on LinkedIn Pulse is another tool that will increase your visibility.

I first wrote about LinkedIn Pulse in July 2015. It is simply another way to use the LinkedIn platform to connect with prospects and clients.

Fortunately, anyone in the U.S. can now use the LinkedIn Pulse platform to publish long form articles. This platform is LinkedIn’s main source for professional news from favorite websites and other industry professionals.

Getting one of your articles featured on the Pulse platform will provide you with higher visibility and have a positive impact on your “authority.” Being featured could be the difference between a few hundred views of your article and getting thousands of views and many comments.

In addition to highlighting content in your LinkedIn newsfeed, Pulse also sends out an email with content that was “Published by your network.” Another reason to begin publishing articles on LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn Pulse selects articles to be featured in an individual’s newsfeed is part of their secret sauce. While no one, except the team at LinkedIn, knows the exact formula, there are some guidelines you can follow to increase the chances that your article could be featured.

Follow these guidelines to increase your article’s chance of being featured:

> Proper Topic Selection

Select a topic relevant to the people you want to influence. The more organic likes, comments, and shares you get on that article significantly increase your chances of getting featured. Your article should also line up with one of the Pulse channels.

> Use a Compelling Headline

Another way to gain readers is by using a captivating headline. An effective article contains both an appealing headline and engaging content.

Improve the article’s title for SEO. But remember to not make it too long. A good length for the title is 5 to 10 words.

Once you publish your article, you can get the attention of the LinkedIn editors by tweeting a link to the article that includes the term Tip@LinkedInPulse. This is a unique Twitter feed format solely for the LinkedIn editors. This is not a guarantee you will be highlighted. But, it increases your chances of an editor seeing your post.

> Additional Guidelines

Following are some guidelines on how to create a compelling article for the LinkedIn Platform:

  • Remember, if you want to increase your visibility, you need to create a compelling article. So, whatever you’re writing, make it your best effort.
  • Don’t write an article with just statistics and figures. Put some of your own personality into your article.
  • Use a concise, neat, and vibrant photograph for the Cover Photo. This will help get the attention of the viewer.
  • Know the Pulse Channels and where your article could fit.
  • Engage with your readers by responding to any comments as much as you can. Hit Like on their comments, so your viewers know that you read their content as well.
  • Include links to related earlier posts.
  • Incorporate a bio (About the Author) at the end of your article. Be sure to include any links to your LinkedIn profile and your websites.
  • Share your post in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn groups, etc.
  • Try to publish new articles on a regular schedule.

The LinkedIn publishing platform and the new Pulse network will provide you with another way to attract and engage with your perfect prospect. Being featured on the Pulse news platform will increase your authority and visibility.

Have you published long form articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform? Share your experience in our comment section below.

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