LinkedIn’s Pulse: Another Way to Prospect

By on Jul 16, 2015

LinkedIn Pulse

In March 2011, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Today, which delivers the day’s top news, based on what your connections and industry peers are reading and sharing. That initial focus on publishing content has resulted in over one million professionals writing and publishing more than 130,000 articles a week on the LinkedIn platform.

The Pulse App is an easier way to find and read articles that are of interest to you.

Created in 2010, the first version of the Pulse Newsreader App was part of a class project at Stanford University. The original goal was to help organize your favorite publishers in one place and see the content in a rich, visual mobile format. It quickly grew to become one of the most widely used platforms for content consumption on the Internet.

LinkedIn acquired Pulse in April 2013. The original Pulse team stayed with LinkedIn and has been working on improving the app.

A brand-new version of the Pulse App, designed and developed from the ground up, was released a few weeks ago. The reimagined Pulse provides truly customized daily news, powered by your professional network on LinkedIn. It is personalized just for you – based on who you are and whom you know.

As an insurance agent, the app will highlight articles that are trending within your LinkedIn network as well as what other agents are reading and sharing.

One of the ways to use the Pulse App as a networking tool is to scan the articles that show up in your Pulse news feed. Then, make a note of the article, find a post on LinkedIn, and leave a comment.

The Pulse App provides an easier way to stay up with who is publishing what within your network. This simply gives you another opportunity to engage with current clients as well as prospects.

Are you using the Pulse app? What are your impressions? Leave a comment on the site.

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