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By on Jan 22, 2015

Evernote Web Clipper screenshotEvernote is an indispensable tool for me. I am not sure how I would function without it. I first signed up for an account in March 2008 and started paying for a premium account in November 2010. It is my digital brain. I now use Evernote to store any and all types of documents from personal files to business articles and notes virtually.

I first wrote a TechTip about Evernote (Evernote: Store Notes in One Place) in November 2009.

Over the last few years, I have added several tools that seamlessly work with Evernote. These tools provide me with an even more streamlined experience for capturing information and then being able to find it quickly and easily.

Following is a list of the Evernote tools I’m currently using.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has developed browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. These extensions allow you to capture and save text, photos, and links from virtually any website page with one easy click. Content is added directly to the Evernote notebooks of your choice. Go to Evernote to download and install the correct version for your preferred browser.


This is another browser extension that works similarly to Web Clipper. Clearly, however, strips away the extraneous content on the web page and only displays the article text. Using this tool makes blog posts, articles, and webpages clean and easy to read. You can then clip the content directly into Evernote for later reading. I use this extensively to capture items I’m interested in reading so I can access them later.


I use Evernote to capture my notes from meetings and phone calls. While Evernote has a reminder and basic to-do functionality, I use another platform — Nozbe — as my follow-up and to-do list. During the meeting, if there are items I need to follow up on I just create an Evernote checkbox at the beginning of that line. TaskClone, a third-party web service, reviews my notes and looks for anything with a checkbox. The service then automatically adds those items to my Nozbe account as a new item. This saves me from having to type the same information into two different applications.

Textever Pro

I capture information and take notes on both my iPhone and iPad. Textever Pro is a mobile app (for both iOS and Android) that streamlines my ability to capture notes quickly. Notes captured in Textever seamlessly sync with my Evernote account.


Another mobile app I consistently use is EverClip. This app allows me to capture any information that I have copied to the clipboard and then move it to my Evernote account. This is especially handy if I am on a mobile web page and want to capture information. The app can collect clippings from any other app and send them to Evernote.

When you copy something to the clipboard with the app running, your phone buzzes briefly to let you know you’ve saved the item. Once you’ve copied all the items you want, from whatever apps you want, you simply go to the EverClip app to save the clips into Evernote. Since EverClip stores your items while you work, you don’t have to worry about losing clipped information because the clipboard only keeps one item in the clipboard buffer.


Scannable is a new app from Evernote that is currently only available on the iOS platform. You can expect other mobile platforms soon. The name says it all. This app acts as a scanner to capture documents directly into your Evernote account. I have tried a number of mobile apps that claim to be able to scan documents with varying degrees of success. I am impressed with the quality of the image created by Scannable.

Each of these tools helps streamline my workflow and allows me to be that much more productive.

What tools do you use with Evernote? Let me know.


  1. Great article and tools!

    Three that I use that you did not mention are Skitch, FileThis Fetch, and Pocket.

    Skitch is a product from Evernote that is the best mobile markup tool bar none. They also have a standard desktop version as well. Very helpful in the insurance industry (think property inspections – being able to markup a photo) and outside (used it constantly during a recent home renovation for communicating with our contractor).

    FileThis Fetch is a 3rd party site that goes out and gets monthly statements and bills from the services I use (bank, retirement accounts, cable, utilities, etc.) and automatically adds it into my evernote account. This way my email inbox is kept clean of notifications and the documents are automatically stored in the proper location for review.

    Pocket is a “read it later” app that works as a browser plugin (desktop and mobile) to capture articles that you want to read later, and as a website/app so that you can access your reading queue (even offline). From there, if the article is of use to me later as reference or project support material, it has Evernote integration and I can add it to the appropriate location with just a few clicks.

    I used to use the Drafts app for iPhone for capturing quick text notes into Evernote, but have found that the Evernote quick access Widget in iOS8 Notification Center works much better.

    • Matthew, thanks for making these suggestions. I will check FileThis Fetch out. I’ll also test using the Evernote iOS Notification Center Widget to see if that works better.

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