Prepare and Achieve Your 2017 Goals

By on Dec 1, 2016

Is 2017 sneaking up on you?

I know the feeling…

Over the last few weeks, I have been evaluating where I stand with my 2016 goals and thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2017. It is a hard and, at the same time, very rewarding process.

While planning and goal setting is a common business practice (or at least should be!), for many years I did not apply the same process to planning for my personal life goals.

Setting and achieving your goals is deceptively difficult. However, help is available. My friend Michael Hyatt is perhaps one of the best I know at setting, following, and tracking his personal goals. For the past three years I have enrolled in and actively used Michael’s Best Year Ever course to help me with this process.

Like many of you, I struggle with actually following through on goals I set. I continue to realize how important it is to not only establish goals but to have a process in place to follow through on achieving those goals.

Michael has told me that he has completely updated the Best Year Ever content for 2017 and I want to give you an opportunity to check it out. As part of the new course roll-out, he has created several free resources that will help as you begin your 2017 planning process.

Achieve your goals

Strategies Super-Successful High Achievers Use Every New Year

The secret to making this upcoming New Year count is simply taking a few moments to prepare for it. That is why I love this (free!) PDF download: Achieve What Matters in 2017.

In it, Michael has gathered 30+ well-known influencers to share their thoughts about the most important thing they do to set themselves up for a banner year. It’s a who’s who of successful people — Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Chalene Johnson, and Andy Andrews, plus more than 20 other leaders.

Access to their answers is all yours (at no cost) here: Achieve What Matters in 2017.

I encourage you to check it out!

LifeScore™ Assessment

You have no doubt heard the business adage…

“What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.”

It’s certainly true in business, sports, and science, but what about life? How do you measure progress with your life? With work or business, it might be a little easier because we could use our income. But what about our health, relationships or our intellectual growth?

Michael has also created a great tool called the LifeScore Assessment that helps you measure progress in your life in less than 10 minutes — and you can get it free for a limited period of time.

Once you discover your LifeScore, you can quickly see opportunities for growth and what is working well. It’s the perfect way to measure progress in your life. There’s also a quick video tutorial that explains how to use the tool. You’ll have access to that once you submit your email address.


Michael will also be hosting a webinar: 7 Steps for Taking Control of 2017: How to Leverage Goal-Setting to Design the Life You Want that will be available in early December.

If you download the ebook or access the LifeScore Assessment listed above, you will receive an email notification with the dates and times the webinar will be available.

At the end of the webinar, you will be provided with an opportunity to sign up for the full digital course. I will be renewing my access to the new course for 2017.

I also understand that most of you will not be interested in actually paying to enroll in the course. However, I encourage you to take advantage of the free material as a way to stimulate your thinking as you make your 2017 goals and plans.

What process do you use to plan for the New Year? Let me know in the Comments Section below.

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