Convert a PDF Table or List into Excel

By on Nov 17, 2016

Today, I have a quick tip that you might want to tuck away so you can find it later. Some documents contain a list (like a membership list) or a table of information that you want to manipulate in Excel.

I came across a very simple website,, that does just that – converts any table or list in a PDF document (scanned or regular) into an Excel-compatible file.

Following are a few benefits to using this site:

  • Safe and Secure: According to them, all data uploaded to their servers will be used for conversion purposes only and deleted promptly after conversion. Your files are accessed only by automated software agents.
  • Full Document Conversion: The website converts documents of all sizes. No matter how complex your data tables are, they will be converted accurately without the need for further formatting.
  • Exact Spreadsheet Recognition: All tables trapped in a PDF will be extracted accurately. The rows and columns structure will be the same as in the original file, but fully editable and ready for reuse.
  • Excel’s .xlsx Format: The new spreadsheet will be in .xlsx format ready to use in Microsoft Excel (versions 7, 10, 13), LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc or any other Office Suite compatible with MS Office.
  • No Email: There is no need to leave an email address or other identifiable data. Upload your file and the document will be converted right on the page.
  • Extract Scanned Tables: Besides regular PDF files, the service works with scanned PDFs as well. Using the latest OCR technology, it accurately recognizes numbers and data.
  • Fast and Easy: Conversion speed depends on the file size, but for average size files it will not take longer than a minute.
  • Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive: Import PDFs from your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account. Log in, choose a file, and start converting.
  • Free: This service is completely free. There are no ads, no hidden costs or limits. Try it out right now.

It is hard to verify the accuracy of the statement that no documents or data is retained by the site. I had an email conversation with the owner that reiterated this statement. The website was first established in 2005, so it has been around a while. So, make your own decision about the documents you upload.

I uploaded a two-page attendee list that was converted to an Excel file in just a few minutes. I could not find any errors in the converted document.

When you need to get a list into a data format, this site could save you (or someone else) hours of typing.

What do you use to convert documents to data? Let me know in the Comments Section below.


  1. I sent a test PDF document – 1 page. After 10 minutes of the website saying it was converting the document I closed it out. Their claim of it being fast is hype.

    • Susan, thanks for sharing your experience. This is completely different than my experience, so I’m not sure what happened.

  2. Nuance Power PDF does a good job

    • Steve, I agree. Nuance Power PDF does do a good job also. I use the advanced version which allows me to convert scanned forms into fillable PDFs quickly and easily.

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