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By on Oct 20, 2016

Insurance agent summit

The most successful business people, from any niche, work hard to keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and techniques for improving themselves and their businesses.

For insurance agents who are looking to grow their business, staying in tune with industry innovations, improving their skill set, and learning new techniques is the foundation for continued success. However, carving out time for continuing education classes is not always easy — and this type of training can be costly.

The solution is to seek — and find — classes that are more accessible to help you improve critical skills, such as:

  • How to close more sales.
  • How to generate more quality leads.
  • How to become the authority in your network.
  • How to think strategically and more effectively about growth.

Sounds great, right? Well, what if you could get this type of training at your convenience — and get it all for FREE? It doesn’t get any more convenient than learning online from your home or office, and it can’t get more cost-effective than FREE!

That’s why I want you to know about the 2016 Online Insurance Agent Summit, taking place October 24-28, at a computer, tablet or smartphone near you! You can reserve your spot now.

Click Here to Access Your FREE Pass to the Summit today!

The Insurance Agent Summit 2016

I, along with more than 3,500 agents from around the world, took part in last year’s Insurance Agent Summit, making it a huge success and an incredible learning experience for all who attended — including me.

This year, organizer Brian Appleton has taken it a step further; putting together Master Classes that feature more than 30 of the world’s most influential insurance agents, brokers, business coaches, and industry leaders. These are people from the real world of business, with the training and experience to help you focus on what it takes to be successful and grow your agency and your business.

For five days, these highly respected and successful insurance business pros will be sharing actionable tips on how to conquer the most challenging issues facing agents today, along with how you can use technology, tools, systems, and strategies to make more money for yourself and your agency.

Get 5 Days of Real-World Insurance Business Training Online

Insurance Agent Summit Master Class topics include real stories from the real world, with insightful, step-by-step strategies and tangible action items like:

  • The three changes an agent implemented to produce $3.3 million in just 12 months.
  • Marketing and sales strategies proven to double business in less than six months.
  • How to automate workflow and sales.
  • What one agency did to bring in $10 million in revenue.
  • How to get, hire and onboard new employees right the first time.
  • How to be more efficient, have more fun, and increase your income while building a top 1% agency.
  • How to systematize your marketing process and use data to guarantee ROI.
  • How to increase retention for a huge jump in profits by creating loyal clients.
  • What models don’t work anymore and why you should stop wasting time on them.
  • What to start doing to cut down on customer waiting time, improve profitability, and create a better experience for customers.
  • Establishing a culture that drives employee satisfaction, productivity, and profits.
  • The return rewards on providing a customer experience, not just customer service.
  • How one CSR more than doubled her annual income.

Online training sessions will be available from October 24-28, with new content released every day. Sessions are accessible for 12 hours once they’re released.

For those who want to refer back to the strategies shared, an All-Access Pass is available for purchase, allowing you unlimited access to all Master Classes and Bonus Materials — forever.

The Insurance Agent Summit is a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from the best business coaches and agents in the world in the comfort of your home or office, saving you time and money, as well as the hassle and expense of traveling. I’ll be there — will you?

Don’t wait another second to create the business and lifestyle you have always dreamed of…

Get your FREE pass today – Click Here to Register for the Insurance Agent Summit 2016.

Let me know what you think. Are you going to attend the Insurance Agent Summit 2016? What do you hope to learn?

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