Create and Use an “Add to Calendar” Link

By on Apr 21, 2016

It is likely you’ve experienced the convenience of quickly adding an event to your calendar when registering for a webinar. You click a link (or select your type of calendar in a drop-down list), and a calendar file is downloaded to your computer that you can open and save to create the calendar entry.

This “Add to Calendar” function is a very convenient way to get event information into your calendar. These links can be used for appointments, webinars, or events and placed on your website or included within an email. is a simple site that allows you to create and add a button or text link to any website or email you send out that will download a calendar-compatible file with your specific event information included.

Add to Calendar
The site supports Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple, and Yahoo. You can also generate a static link to your event for any HTML email newsletters, documents, and blogs.

If you are more technically inclined, the site provides the programming code necessary to make the button work on various platforms. If you are less technically inclined, you can fill out a form on the site with the specifics of your event information. The site will create the necessary HTML code and allows you to copy that information to paste into your email or website.

The site supports all modern browsers and platforms including iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. You can also change the appearance, colors, and fonts using style sheets for better integration into your website style.

Using an AddtoCalendar button makes it easy for anyone to add accurate event details to his or her calendar.

What other tools do you use to add event information to calendars? Let me know.

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