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By on Mar 17, 2016

Digital Insurance Survey

The insurance industry is facing unprecedented changes driven in part by technology developments, combined with new customer expectations. To measure our digital technology needs and help us identify effective roadmaps going forward, we are conducting an industry-wide survey.

The survey is called the Insurance Digital Transformation Study, and we need YOUR participation to be successful. The goal is to better learn how we can advance the adoption of digital technology.

Click here to take the Digital Transformation survey.

It is designed to be fast — it will not take more than 15 minutes — at most — to complete. If you elect to enter your contact information, you’ll receive a copy of the final report. Your name will also be entered into a drawing to receive multiple $50 gift cards.

However, most importantly, you’ll be providing information about your organization’s digital capabilities and needs. This information is critical in helping industry groups identify needed changes and help accelerate progress in our industry.

In the past, information gathered from similar surveys was used to drive industry adoption of emerging tools (think of the Real Time/Download surveys).

This one is different because we are also asking consumers — Insureds, policyholders, and others — to participate. In fact, it would be very helpful for you to take the survey multiple times.

The first time, complete the survey in your professional role (Carrier, Agent, Broker/MGA, Vendor/Solution Provider, Association). Then, complete it again as a consumer or business owner, by selecting the “I am a client, i.e. insurance consumer/business owner/risk manager” path.

Please feel free to pass the survey link — — on to anyone else in the industry, or send it directly to your clients. (Or forward this TechTips issue.)

The goal is to have at least 8,000 responses at the time the survey closes on April 1st.

Your participation will help us achieve that goal and provide information that will help drive change in our industry in the months and years ahead.

For more information about the survey check out the Insurance Digital Revolution website.

Thank you for your participation!

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