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By on Dec 10, 2015

I originally wrote about the Nuance Power PDF Advanced program in June 2014. It is the main program I use when working with PDF files.

One of the capabilities of this program that I demonstrate in several of my presentations is FormTyper. Some of you who have used the Nuance PaperPort product may recognize the name. This is not the same program!

Nuance combines the basic FormTyper capability with their robust forms creation product OmniForm. They built this new version of FormTyper into the Power PDF Advanced program.

This new TypeForm process allows you to take an existing image of any form (scanned or PDF) and automatically convert it to a fillable version. It is hard to explain the capabilities in an article, so I created a short video to demonstrate the power of this program.

For those who want to read and not watch, here is a brief explanation.

Fields are automatically added to the form by the conversion process. You are provided with the ability to edit field properties. For example, you can enforce field formatting, validate field information, and apply arithmetic functions to field data.

You can also add fields to the form if the automatic conversion misses them. Field types include a text box, button, radio button, checkbox, combo box, list box, and digital signature.

There are a few other programs that allow you to add fillable fields to an existing PDF document. They may work just fine. However, I have not found another program that’s as easy to use and as inexpensive.

Nuance runs email promotions for the Power PDF Advanced at a discount. If you have any other Nuance product, you can also often receive a discount. More information is available here.

What software do you use that have increased your productivity? Let me know in the comment section below

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