Better Business Bureau Creates Scam Tracker

By on Nov 19, 2015

Internet, email, phone, and regular mail scams continue to plague unsuspecting people as well as those who should know better. Any tool that helps identify a scam is worth adding to your online protection process.

The Better Business Bureau recently launched BBB Scam Tracker to provide consumers across North America with a place to report scams and fraud, and to warn others of malicious or suspicious activities.

All 112 BBBs operating in Canada and the United States are now collecting information from consumers and processing data, which is shared with law enforcement agencies for use in identifying and prosecuting scammers.

BBB has a long history of tracking specific information about businesses as part of their complaint process. That procedure continues to evolve and grow, with nearly five million BBB Business Reviews.

Online and phone scammers are different – they quickly change their techniques as they leave a trail of victims. Using crowdsourcing as a tool, the BBB Scam Tracker can expose their fraudulent activity in real time.

The free interactive online tool is available at

BBB scam tracker heatmap

BBB scam tracker search form

It offers a heat map showing where scams are being reported. Users can search using a variety of filters to see what scams are happening in their area or track a particular type of scam. You can also see how much money has been lost.

Using the site, anyone can report scams you hear about, whether or not you have been a victim.

BBB Scam Tracker began in 2014 as an innovative test among nine local BBBs. A grant from Target Corporation enabled CBBB to expand the service to all BBBs in Canada and the United States. BBB Mexico is expected to join in the future.

What other tools have you found helpful in tracking scams? Let me know in the comments section below.

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