Automatically Retrieve Online Statements

By on Nov 5, 2015

I have stopped receiving paper statements from any vendor that offers this option. I just don’t want to have to deal with receiving the statement by mail and handling it.

However, I do want to save the statement in my electronic filing system. I may need it at a later time. While I could just go to the vendor website and retrieve it when needed, I have found that most only keep past statements online for 18 months.

Retrieving electronic statements by hand takes time. Time I do not want to waste.

Fortunately, I found a service that automatically retrieves my statements and pushes them to my chosen electronic file cabinet.

This service is called FileThis.

With FileThis, I have connected my bank, credit card company, wireless provider, and health insurance company. There are several hundred businesses that work with FileThis. There are even some insurance companies on the list.

FileThis companies

FileThis scans each company website for new statements posted and downloads them into my Evernote account. Automatically!

While I use Evernote, you can choose from several other options on where you can store your documents: Box, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, in your FileThis account, and directly to your computer.

The best thing about this service is – it just works.

I am currently using the free service that allows for up to six connections.  A paid plan starts at $20 per year (yes, per year) and allows for 12 connections. I would use the paid service if I needed to connect more accounts.

FileThis connections

As a side note: Wouldn’t it be nice for your agency to be able to use a service like FileThis to retrieve all new documents from the insurance companies you represent when they become available online? Why try to re-invent the wheel?

Check out the FileThis service.

By using the above link you will receive one additional free connection and a 250 MB bonus storage on the FileThis Cloud for one year after you set-up your first connection.

What ways have you found to streamline your management of electronic documents? Personally or in your organization? Let me know.

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