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By on Oct 15, 2015

Google has the largest share of online search. Making sure Google likes your agency website will help your site show up in online searches. How Google decides what sites to display has evolved over the years. It will only show sites that have relevant and useful information for users.

So to become Google’s favorite you need to follow certain steps:

High Authority Links

Your website’s “authority” or “Page Rank” is one factor that will help your site show up in a search result. The more that other websites with high authority link to your site, the higher Google ranks your site. In other words, more weight is given to links from an authority site of high expertise than sites having a low expertise.

Google will even impose a penalty for distributing bad links if low-quality links are in your content. If you are establishing a high-quality connection throughout your content, that makes Google identify you as a high-quality site. The best way to get high-quality links is to create high-quality content that others want to link.

Appropriate Content Keywords

Content Keywords are still important but don’t carry the same weight as in the past. However, it continues to be important for you to make sure the keywords (or search terms people use to find your information) are appropriately used in your articles and other content. Your keywords help Google better understand the information on your page so they can list your page in a search result.

Good Heading and Description Tags

Another way Google evaluates the information on your webpage is with the help of metadata (information contained in the actual code that makes up a web page). This information helps Google lead traffic to your page rather than falling back on related keywords. In this way, Google will send people that are searching for information your website provides to your page, which will bring more business to the agency.

XML Sitemap Development

An XML Sitemap provides search engines with an easy to “read” catalog of all your website pages. Every website should have a sitemap. You can create an XML sitemap using several available free tools. These tools will also help you to alert Google that your site is ready to be indexed.

A sitemap acts as a guide for Google to recognize what your website is all about and how those pages and links are relevant. Much time is saved depending on how the search engine ranks your page for a search result.

While Google has the majority of search traffic, the principles described here also apply to Bing (and other search engines).

This admittedly more technical tip is important to remember when creating a new website, updating an existing site, and when adding new content to your site.

Consumers are increasingly likely to start their search for insurance help with an online search. You want to do everything possible to have your agency website show up in their search results.

What other tools and/or steps do you take to make your website visible to the online consumer? Let me know.

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