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By on Jan 15, 2015

You’ve probably heard the news. The overall organic reach of Facebook posts is in a slow and steady decline. More and more people (even people who have “liked” your agency page) are seeing fewer and fewer of your posts and updates. That means you need to spend money on Facebook ads so you can be visible in your community’s news feed. The days of free Facebook are over.

According to an article in AdAge, a Facebook spokesman confirms that organic reach of Facebook posts is in slow decline. “We’re getting to a place where because more people are sharing more things, the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it,” he said.

Why Facebook? The short answer, of course, is everyone is on the platform. And that is why every agency needs to consider creating a major presence and strategy based on the platform.

Unlike Google, Facebook does not target users based on relevant website content or keywords, but user-generated profile information. Facebook allows people to “Like” website content, Facebook pages or groups, links, and just about anything where there is a “Like” button present. Facebook tracks this information.

Facebook knows their member’s location, marital status, education, birth date, and demographic details. All this information can be used by you to target ads to a very specific target audience.

In addition to user information, Facebook has also partnered with database companies Datalogix, Epsilon, and Acxiom. This has allowed Facebook to create one of the most powerful consumer databases available anywhere. Your agency has access to this information for a fee.

For example, you can target Homeowners:

  • With a home value between $300,000 and $400,000.
  • Whose current policy expires in April.
  • In a particular zip code.

Using the Facebook ad platform, your agency can display an ad (known as a promoted post) to just this targeted group of people within their news feed. You can create as many of these niche ads as you want.

Facebook’s surprisingly strong statistics in terms of gender breakdown, income levels, and age diversity makes it the obvious go-to marketing platform.

Facebook, given its standing as the world’s largest social network, is prime for businesses of all types — especially insurance agencies, both large and small — to find their target audience and market their products and services. In order to expand your reach, you must go beyond the “if you post it, they will come” methodology, and dive into Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising allows your agency to put your message in front of your ideal customers so they won’t miss it.

To recap: The reason it is so compelling to advertise on Facebook is simply because everyone is there, and he or she are very active. Facebook advertising will help you consistently keep your agency in front of your ideal prospects and customers. Chances are you know exactly who your best customer is. They might be young and male or old and married. The beauty of Facebook’s ad system is you can target your ideal client. Your ad can then direct them to either visit your website or like your Facebook page so you can keep communicating with them.

As you might expect, understanding the details will make or break your success. I believe strongly that your agency needs to explore Facebook Advertising as part of your marketing. So, to help you get started I have created a short video training course.

If you are interested in learning how to maximize the Facebook advertising platform use the form below to be notified when the course is ready.

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