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By on Jan 8, 2015

I constantly receive questions from a variety of different people: agency owners, agency sales staff, agency internal staff, state associations on behalf of their members, insurance company personnel, and technology vendors.

A few of the more recent questions I’ve received include:

  • “Do you know of a good cross-platform calendar that is better than Outlook and iCloud?”
  • “I have decided to move from my current vendor. What agency management system platform should I consider?”
  • “What is the best way to document the client file when they prefer to use text messaging?”
  • “I just finished reading your page on a virtual agency and found it very informative. We would like to learn more about a virtual agency and how to start one. Could you provide any info or links on how to start this type of agency?”
  • “Some agency personnel believe we should share Word documents with all of our company login credentials listed with everyone in the agency. I have always understood that for user-specific user IDs and passwords, those were not meant to be shared with others. What is the correct protocol for sharing or protecting user IDs and passwords for the companies we are contracted with?”

These questions are sent to me either via a voice mail message or, more likely, an email.

I try to respond via email (or a short phone conversation) as soon as I am able. Unfortunately, answering the question can take some time depending on the projects I am working on and my travel schedule. Moreover, when I answer a question via email, others who may have the same question cannot benefit from my answer and the information I am able to provide.

So I decided an audio program (also known as a podcast) would be a perfect way to solve these problems.

The title of the show — Glad You Asked — came from a long-running column in my premium newsletter “The Anderson Agency Report” where I addressed the same types of questions from my subscribers.

My hope is the Glad You Asked Show will provide a solution to several problems:

  • Allow me to answer your insurance technology questions in a format where I can provide more details and explanations than I would if I was just typing out my response.
  • Provide a website resource where others with the same question can quickly and easily search for the answer.
  • Each show’s notes will allow me to provide additional resources and links that I mention in the show to make it easier for anyone to access the information.

The Format of GYA

GYA will be short. Right now I am estimating each episode of the show will be between 10 and 20 minutes long depending on the complexity of the question.

I listen to quite a few on-demand audio programs (podcasts), and I find the ones I actually listen to are less than 30 minutes long. I just don’t have the time to listen to longer programs – and I do not think you do either.

Want to Submit a Question?

It is easy to ask me a question. All you have to do is go to and fill in the form you find on that page. While there is no guarantee that I will be able to answer your question, my goal is to get to as many as possible.

You will be able to find all of the episodes for this show along with any show notes at the same site:

I look forward to answering your insurance technology questions…

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