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By on Nov 13, 2014

Download has been available for many years. For many agencies, it is ho-hum technology. Of course we use download, when it works.

Used effectively, agency-carrier communication options will maximize agency productivity by streamlining the viewing, entry, and storage of policy data and documents.

But, because it has been available for so long, agencies and their staff assume they are using all of the capabilities available. The problem is the specific download capability is constantly being improved. When insurance companies enhance their download options and capabilities, communicating the changes to their agency force is difficult. The same is true for agency management system vendors.

It’s been difficult for an agency to create a list of the companies they represent and the capability they have in the agency system platform.

I recently learned of a service provided by IVANS Insurance that helps solve this problem.

Any agency that has an IVANS account (a mailbox) can request a customized report specifically generated for the agency. The report lists the insurance companies with whom the agency has an existing download relationship. Included for each insurance company are all of the current capabilities and amount of transactions being used by agency staff for each type.

This report will provide agency management with a real-time picture into the functions currently being used in the agency. One agency manager I spoke with requests this report quarterly so he can make sure the agency is maximizing productivity benefits available.

To request your report simply go to and complete the form on that page with your agency information. Once you submit this information IVANS will send you the customized spreadsheet.

Activity Notifications

One of the newest download options that will significantly improve your internal workflow is Activity Notifications. The technical definition is:

“Activity Notifications are ACORD electronic messages which may have attachments sent through download to the agency’s electronic mailbox in Batch or Real Time.”

Examples of the attached PDF documents include:

  • Policies or DEC pages
  • Notices of pending cancellation
  • Claim notices
  • Overdue payments
  • Cross-sell/Up-sells, etc.

Currently, there are a very limited number of insurance companies that have implemented this download option. That needs to change as fast as possible. The IVANS report will help you identify the insurance companies in your office that have implemented this option.

Are you currently using IVANS’ service or plan on using it? Let me know in the comments section below.

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