Are You Prepared for a Disaster? Are Your Clients?

By on Aug 28, 2014

The earthquake last weekend in Napa Valley, California, should be a wake-up call to everyone that a disaster can strike at any time. Earthquakes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hail, unexpected flooding, and heavy snow and ice are just a few of the natural disasters that can strike virtually anywhere and often without warning.

Insurance agencies should be the poster child for disaster preparedness. The promise you make to your customers when they decide to trust you with their business is that you will be available to help them in the face of a disaster.

September is National Preparation Month. For the 10th straight year, Agility has partnered with the US Small Business Administration, FEMA, and the Ready Campaign by participating in National Preparedness Month, which culminates in a “National Day of Action” on September 30th called “America’s PrepareAthon.”

This year’s theme is “Take Action to Prepare” and Agility has added a fun twist. Their Hollywood-themed campaign is Lights, Camera – ACTION, and in addition to a series of four (4) educational webinars and an infographic focused on simple ways to take action, they also offer some movie disaster clips (think Sharknado) with lessons learned from each.

Click here to view the NPM website.

I encourage you to promote this site and the free educational events and tools listed below to your existing clients and prospects — both personal and commercial — in any way that you see fit including email newsletters, event calendars, and social media. Promoting National Preparation Month to your existing clients is a great way for your agency to highlight the importance of being prepared. Yes, the insurance you have provided is available if disaster strikes. But, simple steps anyone can take can go a long way to help make recovering from a disaster easier and faster.

There are a number of special events that will take place during the month of September.

1. Webinars

  • Crisis Communications for any Organization
  • How to Plan for a Power Interruption…and Recover Fast
  • The Top 5 Steps for Preparedness This Year
  • If You Do Nothing Else This Year…

National Preparation Month infographicUse this link to promote all of the NPM Webinars directly


2. Infographic

“Lights, Camera, Action!” (Take Action to Prepare)

Use this link to promote the Infographic directly


3. National Preparedness Month Microsite

Link to Microsite for all NPM Activities and the “Hollywood” themed campaign


What other resources do you offer your clients? Comment below and let us know.

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