Scheduling Phone and In-Person Meetings

By on Aug 14, 2014

Being a virtual agency has a lot of benefits. I recently gave a webinar detailing some of the ways to become a virtual organization. If you missed it, you can access the replay.

But, being virtual may mean fewer face-to-face meetings. Prospects and customers just don’t seem to have the time — or want to spend the time — for face-to-face meetings as in the past. So, we tend to schedule more phone calls and/or video calls. One of the biggest problems is the time it takes to find a convenient time that works for both parties.

Trying to schedule a phone appointment with anyone (staff, a new prospect, or current client) all too often entails several emails back and forth as you try to find a time that works. That’s a huge waste of time and a drain on productivity.

To cut down on this wasted time, I have been using web-based appointment scheduling services for several years. Two services I have personally used include and Both work in a similar manner. I started using ScheduleOnce and recently switched to TimeTrade because of its integration with Outlook and my marketing platform.

To schedule a phone appointment, I simply add this line to an email message:

Please use this link to schedule a time for a phone call appointment:


Scheduling system

Figure 1: The initial TimeTrade scheduling page.


That link leads the person to a page on my website (Figure 1) where I explain the process and they are able to view my calendar with the times I have available (Figure 2).

They then simply pick the time that works best for them. Once they decide on a time and click Continue, a form is displayed for them to add their specific information. After they click Confirm, we both receive a confirmation email.


Scheduling calendar

Figure 2: My TimeTrade scheduling calendar.

One of the benefits of using TimeTrade is the direct integration with my Outlook calendar, so once the appointment is confirmed it is automatically added to my calendar. ScheduleOnce is tightly integrated with Google calendar, but I had to create a process to move the appointment from the Google calendar to my Outlook calendar.

Using a scheduling platform significantly cuts down on the hassle of scheduling almost any type of appointment. I highly recommend your organization explore the possibilities.

What do you use to schedule your appointments? Leave a comment below.

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