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By on Jul 10, 2014

Communicating internal company information to all employees can be a real challenge. This is especially true for larger organizations and those that have multiple locations.

Many organizations use email to send out notices and communications to employees. Unfortunately, this is an inefficient and time-consuming way to let people know what’s going on. What employees don’t need is another email they have to deal with.

Every employee looks at their screensaver multiple times during the day. Using a desktop screensaver could be a great way to push out information to employees and make sure they actually see it. You could use screensaver messages to promote new content on the organization’s intranet, the status of current business goals, multiple housekeeping reminders, inspirational messages, fun stuff to brighten the office, event reminders, and who knows how many other creative ideas you could come up with.

Tools exist that allow you to push graphic screensavers and/or desktop wallpaper out to individual computers that are connected to the organizations network. Three options include:

I have not done a detailed review on any of these options, so I don’t have a particular recommendation. I am certainly intrigued by the possibility and potential of using your existing computer infrastructure to more efficiently and effectively communicate with employees.

What have you found to be an effective way to push information out to employees?

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  1. We use PhoneSlips, Steve. Have used it for years. Type one message and send it to all computers or select who it goes to individually. Works great for us. And, it does much more than this. We keep pertinent information per insurance company, How To ‘s, agents licensing info, appointments, and more in it. We use it like an intranet.

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