Manage Multiple Locations on Facebook

By on Jun 19, 2014

Facebook is a powerful digital marketing tool that insurance agencies should be using to enhance their visibility to people who are active on that platform. One of the many tools available to you is an effective Facebook Agency Page.

Unfortunately, for agencies with multiple locations it can be a time-consuming process to keep a Facebook Page for each location current. But, fortunately, Facebook has made things much easier with the help of Facebook locations (formerly Parent-child pages).

Using Facebook locations allows you (or someone in your office) a way to manage pages for all your separate locations in one place. Each separate location will be tied to one main Agency Facebook Page. This is great news for smaller organizations because this feature was previously only available to very large companies.

Pages for each individual location are visible from the Locations tab on your main page. Admins of the main Page can add, edit, or delete Pages for their new locations.

Because you are able to provide consistent information across multiple locations, when someone visits your main Facebook Page they will be able to see that you have other locations and engage with the agency as a whole or a specific location near them.

According to Facebook, the key features for having locations are:

  • Helps people find your business on Facebook.
  • Creates authentic Pages for all of your store locations.
  • Allows you to manage all of your store locations on Facebook.

To get started with adding multiple locations to your Facebook account, download this step-by-step PDF guide from Facebook and follow the instructions.

Let me know what you think about this tip or if you have any other Facebook tips that have been helpful to your agency.

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