How to Delete Your Web Accounts

By on May 22, 2014

It’s very easy to create an account at a website. It’s not always as easy to delete your account when you decide you don’t want to use that website service anymore. Even if the website makes it easy to delete your online account, it’s not always easy to find out exactly where on the website you have to go to do it. is a simple website that provides a directory of web services and saves you time by providing direct links to the cancellation pages of numerous Internet sites.

Web companies don’t want you to close out the account you have with them. I understand—if you leave, their revenue-earning potential decreases. Some companies make the process of deleting your account relatively easy, while others make it practically impossible or at a minimum very confusing.

For some sites, provides additional information on the cancellation process. For example, to delete your Blogger account, you’re told, “You can’t delete your Blogger Account without deleting your entire Google Account. But you can delete your blog.” also ranks the difficulty of closing out your account.

  • Green indicates your account is easy to delete.
  • Yellow means it will take some extra steps to delete.
  • Red means it’s hard and the account cannot be fully deleted without contacting customer services.
  • Black means the account is impossible to delete.

This information might be helpful if you don’t already have an account, but are considering creating one. color coding system
For example, Facebook is ranked as medium difficulty to delete and includes this additional information, “While you can delete your account easily, some of the data, including messages, are there to stay forever, just as stated in the website’s privacy policy.”

It is a good privacy practice to delete website accounts you created in the past but no longer use. will help you easily find the right place to go.

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