Curing “Death by PowerPoint”

By on Mar 20, 2014

Microsoft PowerPoint is the industry standard for presentation software. Yet, how many times have you almost fallen asleep as a presenter simply read through their bullet points on a PowerPoint slide?

Fortunately, a growing number of alternative presentation platforms are becoming available. These new platforms completely change the PowerPoint paradigm of bullet points on a boring slide.

Prezi is becoming an increasingly popular option that we have successfully used in the past.

The online Prezi platform allows users to easily manipulate text and upload images to develop an attractive presentation that will maintain an audience’s attention. Regardless of the information you’re trying to relate, this application can help you get your message across in an elegant manner.

Presley works on the concept of “frames.” By linking individual frames together you can create a fluid animation that displays the information in an engaging manner. While frames may seem like simple slides, the ability to zoom in and out on individual elements within each frame adds a different level of engagement that keeps people’s attention.

The platform has a wide variety of tools that allow you to create a presentation as elaborate or as simple as you want. Default shapes and images are available for you to organize your thoughts and concepts. Information is presented in the order you design it as each frame smoothly transitions to the next regardless of how many you have available.

Prezi screenshot

Edit Mode displays all of the buttons and controls you need for editing your Prezi.

Prezi provides many themes to choose from. This allows you to color coordinate and design a presentation that fits the information or your agency look and feel. Additional diagrams can also be included if you wish to expand on the presentation further than the default settings allow. You can add as many frames as you want in order to be as detailed as possible.

Your finished presentation can be distributed in multiple ways. If you are unable to present your Prezi presentation in person, you can provide a direct link to the online Prezi. You can also share your Prezi on Facebook, display it within the Prezi network as a public file, download it as a PDF, or save it as a portable Prezi (with a paid subscription) and play it from your computer system.

Prezi is a web-based application, meaning any computer with Internet access can access and develop these presentations. Although there is no official app for the android mobile device, Prezi does have an app available for iOS.

The basic version of Prezi is free and is quite capable. Two subscription plans are available for those who want more capability and power within the platform.

You can set up a free Prezi account here.

To give you an idea of how different this style of presentation can be, check out 8 Tips for an Awesome Prezi.

And here’s a basic Prezi presentation I made: Creating Your Agency Internet Presence.

Using Prezi as a presentation tool could be a great way to better communicate information to your prospects and clients.

What presentation tools are you using to cure death by PowerPoint? Please share your comments below.


  1. Thanks for the great article on Prezi Steve! I’ve been “kicking the tires” on Prezi for about six months now, and the examples you provided have re-energized me in my efforts to learn and use this PowerPoint substitute!

  2. I like prezi and was planning to use it, but when I showed it to the marketing person at our parent company she said that people who get migraines and/or dizziness would find it uncomfortable. Have you ever heard that feedback? My daughter and a classmate enjoyed using Prezi to work remotely on the same presentation.

    • Patricia, I had the same reaction/question when I first started using Prezi. I have found the way to avoid this problem is to be careful how often and where you use the Zoom feature. Too much zooming around the canvas gives me a headache and certainly could be a problem for others. One way to help would be to zoom in small steps.

  3. Steve,

    Thanks for all you do to make my job a bit more enjoyable. Your tips and solutions have given me a renewed focus on production as I start my 34th year in business.


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