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By on Feb 6, 2014

In the last few years I have been the executor for the estates of three of my family members. One of the difficult problems was trying to determine if there were any proceeds from life insurance policies available. If there were any policies in force then the policy benefits should be available to the beneficiaries.

But, it can be very difficult to find information about any life insurance policies – old or new. A policy may have been purchased years ago and forgotten. Unfortunately, billions in lost and unclaimed policies lay dormant on the books of insurance companies across the nation. I discovered an interesting tool to help find unclaimed insurance policies – The Policy Inspector.

The Policy Inspector is a web-based service that helps you locate unclaimed life insurance and annuity policies quickly and easily. They do this by taking information you provide on the deceased and using that to search nearly 500 of the nation’s largest insurance companies in the US. The service helps cut through the insurance company red tape and connects you with the policy claim the beneficiaries deserve.

“The biggest problem with finding lost policies is the insurance companies themselves,” said Policy Inspector Inc. Founder/CEO Philip Bongiorno. “Company buyouts, slow bureaucracies, and a general unwillingness to find policies have led to billions in unpaid claims sitting on these companies’ books. The money is out there – the only question is how much is your share?”

Policy Inspector form

Policy Inspector uses the information you enter in your personal Policy Inspection Form to contact hundreds of insurance companies throughout the U.S.

For a flat fee of $99, their policy locator system – the Policy Inspection – will search their database of the largest insurers in the country. You enter information about the deceased on a simple form and this information is used to match with existing policies. In addition to life insurance and annuity policies, the service will also check state unclaimed property, unclaimed veteran’s insurance, and unclaimed pensions.

This would be a great resource to include on your website and in client newsletters. You can learn more by visiting The Policy Inspector.

What other resources do you include on your website that are helpful to your clients? Let me know.


  1. I enjoy your newsletters every Thursday, and as a new Executor for a recent death, I found the Policy Inspector article interesting. Although I have not used them, the MIB (medical info bureau) has a service as well for $75

  2. can a life insurance policy be located if lost prior to death?

    • The process should be the same to find a lost life insurance policy. It should not matter whether it’s pre- or post-death.

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