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By on Dec 19, 2013

Video can be a great way to cut through the clutter of regular email. Everyone experiences email overload and anything you can do to make your message stand out in your prospect’s or client’s email inbox is a good thing.

Eyejot is a web-based service that allows you to quickly and easily send video email (v-mail) to anyone individually or as a group message. All you need is a simple webcam and an Eyejot account. The best part is that the basic service is free (at least for now).

Once you have your Eyejot account set up, it really is as easy as clicking the Record button and speaking to the camera to create a v-mail. Once completed you can send that v-mail to anyone. The actual video is not sent with the email but stored on the Eyejot servers. The email received has an image of the beginning of the video with text that says they have received a video email. The recipient simply clicks on the image and the video starts playing. You also have the ability to attach and send documents.

You should think about using Eyejot in your agency to communicate with clients. If you do, then the PRO Plus version is worth the $100 per year price. Messages can be a maximum of 10 minutes in length (although that is probably way too long). You can also upload prerecorded video and you have extended message storage time. The PRO Plus version is advertising free (there is advertising in the free version), and you have the ability to brand several Eyejot notification elements with your agency logo and color scheme. The service will also alert you when your video messages have been viewed.

In my presentations, I demonstrate how you can use video email to deliver a renewal proposal to a smaller revenue client when you just can’t justify going out in person. You could also use a prerecorded video with safety tips when there is an approaching storm in your area.

Eyejot email example

Example of an email from Eyejot to a client.

Eyejot also has an app for the iPhone and soon Android phones. With Eyejot Mobile, you can create and send Eyejot video mail from anywhere, anytime. It uses your device’s front-facing or rear camera, or you can select prerecorded video from your gallery.

A separate app allows you to create, manage, and send video business cards using a feature they call Eyejot vCards. Instead of handing out traditional business cards that are easily discarded and rarely remembered, you can send electronic vCards that include video, location map data, links to your social networks and all your contact information. Create up to five prerecorded video messages that can be sent with your downloadable contact information and links to your social networking pages.

For a small amount investment I have found Eyejot to be a great way to distinguish yourself and your agency from your competitors.

What do you think? Have you used video email to communicate with clients or prospects?

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