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By on Dec 5, 2013

Let’s say you are in need of a product or service. You do your due diligence and start researching your options online and stumble upon a few possible choices. What drives your decision to work with one professional or another? Chances are the reviews and/or testimonials for that professional are going to influence your final decision.

An increasing number of your prospects follow the same path. As more consumers and businesses turn to the Internet for their insurance needs, a positive online reputation can greatly increase the number of leads—and the quality of leads—you receive as well as helping to build a relationship.

Testimonials are tricky these days. Many agency owners are afraid of receiving poor reviews. Today’s connected consumers are looking for reviews, but the smart consumer is also evaluating the validity of these statements. A testimonial without substance—like a full name, photo, or even possibly a linked social media account—may not be believed.

A single positive review or social endorsement can make a huge difference in how many prospects will end up selecting you as their insurance professional of choice. Stik is a marketing tool that helps professionals proactively manage and build their online reputations by helping you gather and manage authenticated reviews and recommendations.

Through its review system, Stik allows insurance agents to tap into hundreds of business connections, via Facebook and LinkedIn, to establish trust with potential clients and drive referrals to their business. Stik’s reviews are linked to a “real” live social media account, so your potential clients can see that you really do have raving fans.

Stik verified review

After signing up with Stik by giving the platform access to their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, individuals can search for and rate (using a five-star system) and write reviews of their experience with your agency. The reviews will feature the users’ Facebook or LinkedIn profile and allow other users to contact them through either social media platform if they want to find out more about their review.

For an additional fee, Stik will provide you with HTML code to include Stik ratings on your website, in your email signature, or on your Facebook business page or profile. Stik also has a service that will monitor your Web reputation.

A limited free account is available. Paid accounts range from $29 per month (with a discount for annual payment) to $109 per month for large organizations. The company recently relocated from San Francisco to downtown Detroit and has raised $2.3 million in series A financing.

Proactively gathering “real” reviews and testimonials from existing clients will help your agency increase its Internet Presence and help prospects select you as their insurance professional.

Try Stik and let me know how it works for you. What other tools do you use to manage your online reputation?


  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for featuring Stik on Tech Tips! We’ve always been of the mindset that authentic customer reviews are the best marketing tool on the planet for insurance agents, and we’re so glad you agree.

    Thanks again,

    Clare O’Brien
    -Marketing Manager at Stik

    • Clare, I am always looking for tools that help insurance agents better connect with clients and prospects. Please keep me up to date on any enhancements to Stik.

  2. Hi Steve Thanks for letting people know about this. I have been using Stik for a while now it sure has help our agency along with all the tips you post in your letters. Thanks for all the great advice you post .
    One of your loyal followers.
    Brenda K Hanson
    Best Rates Insurance Inc


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