An Invitation to Unsubscribe

By on Nov 14, 2013

Email can be one of the biggest productivity drains in an insurance agency. I spend a lot of time talking to agency staff about how to best manage email. In fact, you have likely seen my ad for Taming Your Outlook Inbox, my online, self-paced course.

One of the principles I teach as a way to reduce the number of emails in your inbox is to continue receiving only those email newsletters that you actually do read. Many people store a large number of email newsletter folders and when I ask, “Why bother subscribing if you don’t ever read them?” Many say something to the tune of, “But I have them there, just in case I need them.”

My Invitation to UNSUBSCRIBE!

I’ve been working really hard for the last three years to build TechTips into a newsletter that provides useful information each week. Many agency staff have been really kind and told me via email or in person that they even look forward to receiving my newsletter. Do you have any idea how rare that is?

But here’s the thing: what if you’re just receiving this email because it seems like a good idea, but you’re not really reading it? You thought it would be a good idea when you signed up but no longer have the time to read it. You’re not doing anything with the information or even liking it much anymore.

If that’s you, I want to invite you to Unsubscribe from TechTips. Just click the link at the bottom of your TechTips email newsletter that you receive every Thursday morning, choose the first option to unsubscribe from the newsletter, click Process and then, hopefully, you choose No to the question “Would you like to report this message as spam,” and that’s it. You’re free. You’re out. You have one less email each week to worry about.

The Next Step?

Go ahead and unsubscribe to those other emails you are no longer reading. Get a little bit of your inbox back. Let’s tell all the various websites, programs, and apps that fill our box with notifications that we don’t want them any longer.

Want to change your Facebook notifications?

Want to change your Google+ notifications?

Want to change your Twitter notifications?

Want to change your LinkedIn notifications?

Why not? Let’s make our inbox ours again. Let’s remove that which isn’t helping us anymore.

Let’s Build Networks of Value

My entire goal with this email is one simple goal: I want to build a network of value and I want to encourage you to do the same. I want you to want to be here, to be really interested in what we can do together to improve your opportunities and succeed at your goals. And if that means unsubscribing from my newsletter, then that’s what I want, too.

I do want you to stay, but only if the information provided each week helps you do your job just a little bit better.

And in your own life, I want the same thing. Let’s start unplugging all over the place from those things that don’t serve us well any more. Let’s pull down all the “we thought we were supposed to do ____” stereotypes and focus on doing what works well for us.

Are you ready to start unplugging from whatever no longer serves you? Go for it!

And I hope beyond all hope that I will see you next week!

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