Deliver and Manage Electronic Documents (including electronic signatures)

By on Nov 3, 2011

Being able to attach large files to an email to send to someone else has become more difficult as organizations place limits on the size of received emails. This problem can arise when trying to send a PDF submission to an underwriter or with a client who needs to send you a picture or large spreadsheet. is a Web-based service that streamlines the process of sending and receiving large files.

Using YouSendIt is as easy as entering the recipient’s email address into a form, selecting the file you want to send, and clicking the Send button. The recipient receives a link to his or her file via an email message and then clicks on the link to download the file to his or her computer.

There are no email attachments and no software to install. There are no file size limits so any file up to 2 gigabytes (a browser limit) can be sent. A free account is available to test the service and for sending a small number of files.

Some new features that YouSendIt recently rolled out include:

  • Adding folders to the YouSendIt web (or computer desktop) interface to allow customers to more easily organize their YouSendIt files in the cloud from anywhere (no longer just saving that link and crossing your fingers).
  • Ability to manage your folder permissions much easier and extensively than its competitors.
  • Ability to add electronic signatures (via scribbling with your mouse or an image stored on your computer) to documents. You can send a document that needs to be signed to a client that they can open, sign and return to you. This additional service caught my attention and seems to be very slick and powerful, yet easy to use.

Agents can no longer wait for insurance companies to offer an electronic signature process. The YouSendIt electronic signature solution is worth testing to see if will work for your agency. Adding electronic signatures could significantly improve agency productivity and client satisfaction.

Here is a YouTube video that explains how the YouSendIt electronic signature process works.

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