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By on Aug 23, 2012

I spend a lot of time on conference calls. Connecting with clients, listening to webinars, and participating in ACT workgroup calls are just a few examples. For many of these calls I am not in my office and need to use a cell phone to join the call.

Using your smartphone to dial long conference call numbers with passcodes can be grueling on tiny smartphone keyboards and it often takes me multiple tries to connect. Once I do get connected, I may somehow lose connectivity, which can be embarrassing, especially if your conference call is with a client.

I have found a new smartphone app, MobileDay, that allows you to dial into a conference call with just one touch. It has become one of my favorite apps! Here is how it works.

MobileDay screenshotMobileDay syncs with all major conference services, as well as your own calendars. When you log into MobileDay, all of your conference calls are there. Simply click on the green “Call” button and you’re into the call with your passcode automatically entered for you. Set up the thirty-second alert, and you’ll be dialed in thirty seconds before the call is scheduled to begin.

Since connectivity can be iffy on a cell phone, MobileDay allows you to reconnect with just one click, minimizing downtime. If you’re running late, you can send a message to all attendees letting them know via email or SMS.

In order for MobileDay to work, however, the event will need to be loaded onto your calendar. If you add your email confirmation as a calendar item or receive a meeting request, the information will automatically be in your calendar and MobileDay will be able to read it.

MobileDay is available for free in the iTunes Store, as well as on Google Play as an Android app.

MobileDay for iPhone  |  MobileDay for Android

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