iPhone Conference Call Feature Reduces Claims Headaches

By on Aug 16, 2012

Resolving issues with an insurance claim can be an emotional and trying process. Claimants may feel left in the dark when there is no communication amongst the parties. Last week I had two separate claims with just those types of problems that I solved using a simple solution.

From time to time, I’ll get a call from a claimant with a request for some help. Since I’m in my car 94.87656% of the time with very little access to our management system, I struggle to get updated information about ongoing claims.

My solution? Call the adjuster or claims manager, then call the claimant and combine the calls using my iPhone. In the first situation, the claimant had slipped and fallen at our client’s place of business and the claimant was concerned that no bills had been paid. Since he was getting a few collection notices, he was very angry that we had failed to take care of this situation. Something sounded strange in that the claim was almost 90 days old and the carrier is usually very prompt with their claims payments.

I asked the claimant if he was going to be available later that day and he said, “Damn right, I’ll be available.” I called the adjuster on the claim, indicated the frustration, and then called the claimant back with the adjuster on the line.

I opened the call with a narrative from both sides and then shut up. Amazingly the carrier had paid $10,000 worth of medical bills and was finalizing the rest of the liability claim. The claimant was very apologetic for his poor attitude and thanked us for our help.

The other claim involved a client’s attorney who was trying to finalize some paperwork required by the carrier. In this situation, I put my client and their counsel on the phone using the “combine” feature and then sent an email to the carrier giving an update as to their progress. This claim looks to be nearing an end as well.

Combining calls is a simple feature on most smart phones. If you have yet to use this tool, try it. It might make your life a little easier and your clients a little happier.

How to Combine Calls on an iPhone

Combine calls on smart phones

To use conferencing calling on your iPhone, do the following:

  1. Call the first person you want to include on the call.
  2. Once they’ve answered, tap the Add Call button to put them on hold. Next, call the other person you want on the call.
  3. When the next person you’re calling has answered, tap the Merge Calls button to conference all the lines together.

How to Combine Calls on an Android

Conference calling is built into Android phones but it can vary from phone to phone. Here are two free apps to help you make conference calls easily without hunting for a merge option that might be hidden away.

Moshi is a cool app that makes calling a group easy. Gather all of your contacts and create the group you want to call. Moshi will then call all of the contacts and conference them in to the call. No numbers to dial, no need for the other users to have Moshi installed and no need for other callers to have smartphones.

Talk2Group is another great option for making a conference call from your Android. In three steps you’ll be online with your group. Talk2Group lets you schedule calls in the future, or for right now, and asks the other participants to call you from any phone they want.

This week’s TechTips was written by guest writer Anson Ross Thompson, Insurance Ninja. Anson Ross Thompson is the CEO of The Thompson Group located in beautiful Parker City, Indiana. For the last 15 years, Anson Ross has been using some very creative ways to gain clients, which has earned him praise from the new generation of insurance leaders. Listen to Anson Ross at AnsonRossThompson.com.

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