Three Videos Every Agency Should Create

By on May 10, 2012

Video is a powerful way to share information and educate both clients and prospects. The challenge in creating video is that it takes a bit more than writing a simple article. Writing an article is relatively easily and you can simply hit Submit. Your content is then instantly available online and searchable by various search engines.

Video is not complicated but it does take a bit more work. For starters, someone has to be in the video, on camera, unless you’re doing animation or something else. At the very least you need decent (if not great) lighting and good quality audio. Furthermore, it does matter, at least a little bit, how you look in your video — presentation does matter.

One of the biggest reasons insurance agencies don’t use video as a strategy is because there’s a misconception about production value. Many agency owners believe the video has to be high-end and then produced and edited by a pro. That’s simply not the case anymore.

The public’s expectation of video has changed. There are customers and prospects who can get value from the information you have to share. So here are three different types of videos you can create and add into your marketing strategy right away.

  • Make a video case study.
This can be as simple as setting up a web cam or flip video and interviewing one of your customers, then mixing that video with a very simple editor or presentation tool (these are low cost and some are even free). This is authentic, off the cuff, and tells your agency story better than you can. The video can be shared via your website, through email, and on different social platforms.
  • Make a video article.
You should keep in mind that different people want different kinds of content. You can create a simple video article by turning on your web cam and hitting Record. I would suggest you create an outline of what you would like to say, but would suggest you don’t read a finished written article. You want to sound like a conversation between you and the person watching. Again, a simple web editor tool can allow you to very quickly and elegantly add other visuals, so your viewers aren’t just seeing a talking head the whole time. This can also save you a lot of time and frustration if you are not as comfortable writing.
  • Coverage explanations.
Insurance is complicated. Most people don’t really understand what an insurance policy covers and how a piece of paper will protect them if they have an accident. By creating a series of short coverage explanation videos, you will create a library that people can go back to again and again. These videos should be quick (less than three minutes), edited, and then shared via several different mediums.

There are a number of agencies that are being very creative in their use of videos to communicate and educate both prospects and clients. When you begin experimenting with video you will be amazed at the impact it can have to enhance relationships.


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