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By on May 3, 2012

If your agency is a member of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) then you have likely been hearing a lot about the changes in the Trusted Choice program and the coming launch of the Consumer Agent Portal. This portal will help consumers discover your agency by using the Agency Locator hosted at the Trusted Choice website.

As the advertising initiative gears up, hopefully consumers will find your agency online and contact you for more information and quotes. You should make sure the information listed at Trusted Choice for your agency is complete and accurate. Take these simple steps to verify your profile:

  • Go to and search for your agency by zip code.
  • To change or update the information go to and log in to the site using your User ID (likely your email address) and Password. If you don’t know them or don’t yet have an account, follow the instructions on the site to retrieve your password or set up a new account.
  • Select “My Account” at the bottom of the page to update your Agency Profile.
  • Add and update the agency information as necessary. Make sure to fully complete the information about your agency including additional locations, agency description, carrier represented, etc. A key element is to make sure your agency website address is listed. I recommend that you create a separate “Trusted Choice” landing page on your website and use that link here. Using a landing page will allow you to customize the experience when a consumer clicks on the link.

This short video, Updating Your Trusted Choice Profile, will walk you through the process.

It will take 24 hours for the information to be updated on the Trusted Choice website. A quick search of several location agencies shows that there is currently limited information contained in an agency profile.

Taking this simple step will help your agency take a small step to maximize its Internet presence and become more visible to the new digital consumer.


  1. Steve,

    How do you become a Trusted Choice agent? Do a lot of companies utilize the branding/advertising services that Trusted Choice offers to their members?


    • Every member of the Independent Insurance Agents of America are generally automatically a member of Trusted Choice through their state association. You can get a log in by contacting your state association. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

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