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By on Mar 15, 2012

Today’s TechTips is the third in what has turned out to be a series on Evernote tools.

Skitch is a free mobile app, which Evernote purchased, that is available on iOS and Android platforms that allows you to draw attention to anything and share it with a colleague or a friend. It is designed to help you communicate complex ideas using quick annotations, screenshots, and basic shapes.


The Skitch homepage allows you to capture just about anything.

For example, say you’re a producer at a client’s factory taking pictures of a new piece of equipment they just purchased. Using Skitch, you can load the picture and then add annotations on top of the picture to explain certain features or highlight different parts of the machine. The annotated picture can then be saved into an Evernote shared notebook so anyone with permission can access it.


There are a wide variety of annotation tools available.

 Some key features include:

    • Screenshot anything: Click the Snap button to capture a shot of a document, a webpage, something that inspires you, or just about anything else.
    • Drag files into other apps: Hold down the Drag Me tab and pull the file into Evernote, email, a presentation, document, your desktop, a folder, or any ‘Choose your file’ window that pops up.
    • Save files in different formats: Select your preferred file format from a pull-down menu next to the Drag Me tab.
    • Resize an image: Find the edge of the image and pull it inward or outward. Or, click on ‘Resize’ in the lower left-hand corner and enter in your preferred dimensions.
    • Share: There are a few ways to share your creations. You can drag the annotated image into email or shared Evernote notebooks. Or, you can sign into Skitch with your Evernote ID and share via the Skitch site.

You are only limited by your imagination. As you play around with Skitch you’ll likely discover many other ways you can use it.

Evernote Skitch

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