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By on Mar 8, 2012

Evernote recently released a new specialized tool in their growing arsenal of apps called Evernote Hello. As a reminder, Evernote is my “remember-everything,” multi-platform, digital filing cabinet.

Evernote Hello is designed to change how you think about your contact information. It is based around the three fundamental ways that our brains actually remember people:

    1. Faces: What do you look like?
    2. Time: When did we meet?
    3. Context: Why did we meet and who else was there?

The phone app is designed to easily help you capture this information about the people you want to remember. And it does away with the alphabetized Rolodex method of storing contact information.

While you can add someone’s information yourself, another option is to pass your phone to the person you just met and let them add their own contact information, including taking their own picture using a front-facing camera.

Hello provides multiple ways to add new contact information.

 If you “pass your phone” to the other person, they can
easily add their own information.

Once you add someone to your contact list, you can update their information at any time with additional information, such as different places you have met that person.Whether you’re at a big conference, catching up with people at a coffee shop or joining a meeting in your office conference room, these concepts hold true. It’s a tool that helps you quickly capture a name, a photo, and any other details the person whom you just met may provide to you. It then tracks that meet-up as an “encounter,” providing context to your meeting to help you remember who that person is later.

Currently, Evernote Hello is available as an iPhone app. Given Evernote’s history, you can expect other platform apps to be available soon. Evernote has clearly positioned this app as a next-generation networking tool for business professionals to make it easier to remember the people you meet by creating a rich browsable history of individuals, encounters, and shared experiences.

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