Waterproof your Gadgets

By on Feb 9, 2012

Our electronic gadgets can be quite sensitive, especially to getting wet. Don’t you wonder every time you walk out into the rain what would happen if your new iPhone got wet? I’ve often wondered if there was a better way to protect it from water without having to encapsulate it in some bulky case. While I wouldn’t take it swimming, it would be great if there was a solution in case I dropped it in water at some point. That hasn’t been possible, until now.

Liquipel is a company that will waterproof your iPhone and other gadgets. The process they use is a specialized coating in the form of a vapor. You mail your device to them and they put it into a chamber and fill it with the vapor, which then bonds at the molecular level to protect the phone. Since vapor is so small, when the process is finished you can’t see or detect the coating, which makes it perfect for phones. The coating gets into everything, inside and out. This means not only is your phone waterproof on the outside, but also on the inside where all the vital components of your phone reside. This means there will be no visual alterations to your iPhone (or other device) whatsoever.

A video demonstration of a Liquipel-coated iPhone shows the phone being dropped into a glass bowl of water, and it continued working. The person even pushed the buttons, and the phone seemed to have no evidence of any damage at all. This could potentially be a huge breakthrough in waterproof technology, and with the gel patent pending, we could soon be seeing this technology used on every conceivable gadget.

You can get your iPhone completely waterproof for $59. For an extra $10, Liquipel will complete the treatment for your device within two hours of receiving it. If you can’t live without your phone for a few days, expedited delivery is also available for an additional cost.

With Liquipel the days of worrying about your phone dropping into the toilet are a thing of the past!


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