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By on Feb 2, 2012

Google has launched a new consumer education campaign called Good to Know. It is designed to teach anyone who uses websites and other online tools about safety, security and data management. There are four parts included:

    • Stay Safe Online:
      Tips and advice for staying more secure online.
    • Your Data on the Web:
      How data makes websites more useful.
    • Your Data on Google:
      How Google uses information to help make a better experience.
    • Manage Your Data:
      How to best manage your information.

Each section contains additional information about various topics which might include instructional diagrams and videos. For example, under Your Data on the Web additional topics include discussion of Cookies and IP addresses. Much of the information is Google-focused, like how to manage what information Google stores about you and your online activities. For most people this can be very helpful as they understand how they can control their Google account information.

Google calls Good to Know its “biggest-ever consumer education campaign.” Both online and traditional ads highlight security tips like using Google’s 2-step verification and checking websites for secure HTTPS connections.

This is a great tool to let your current customers and prospects know about. Personal data management, privacy, and potential identity theft are important topics to keep in front of your current clients as well as prospects.

Google Good to Know

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