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By on Jan 26, 2012

Almost every agency interacts daily with at least two main Microsoft products: Windows and Microsoft Office (which might also include the new Office 365).

But getting help when you run into a problem with either product can be difficult. The do-it-yourselfers generally rely on a Google search, asking friends or family, or going to online forums where you can post your questions. Otherwise, getting help has primarily been available through your local IT Consultant who installed the software.

Getting tech support from Microsoft directly has been geared for companies with multiple licenses and premium support contracts from Microsoft.

A new option is now available from Microsoft called Answer Desk. Designed for “the rest of us,” it provides fee-based support for a variety of Microsoft customers and products. Support categories include: Premium Software Support, Virus Removal and Protection, Advanced PC Tune-Up, and One-Hour Personal Training.

Much of the support looks like it’s about $99 for an hour of support — give or take.

Next time you need help with a Microsoft product, you should check out Answer Desk from Microsoft. The money spent just might be worth the time you save in finding the right answer quickly.

Microsoft Answer DeskĀ

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