Create Your Own Handwriting Font

By on Jan 12, 2012

In this age of email, handwritten notes can make a big impact. Think about it: when was the last time you received a handwritten note? vLetter is a company that will reproduce your own handwriting as a custom font that you can install and use like any other font on your computer. This allows you to use the speed of typing to create a handwritten look on notes and letters. 

The company offers several products. For $180, vLetter Pro will create your own handwriting and signature into a font that is installed into Word (both PC and Mac) that allows for completely connected cursive writing. vLetter Print ($70) is a simple printed font that is made from your own handwriting. And vLetter Sig ($30) creates your signature as a font. 

I recently had a font made based on my handwriting. The process was simple. I had to complete a one-page form using a black pen of various letters, letter combinations and words. It did take several tries until I was happy with the results. I scanned and emailed the form to the company. They did the rest. A week or so later I received a disk in the mail with instructions on how to install my custom font into Microsoft Word.

The font is not perfect. I assume if I had better penmanship the results would be better! I have created a Word template that fits the size of notepaper I use and can now type handwritten notes that, at least, are a little more legible. I simply run the note paper through the printer. 

Will you use your custom font a lot? Probably not. I find I only use it on occasion. But, it has come in handy when I needed to create several notes that I wanted to have a more personal look. 


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