Create Easy Surveys on Your Agency Facebook Page

By on Nov 10, 2011

Creating an active agency Facebook page is becoming an increasingly important marketing and relationship building tool. As the Facebook ecosystem continues to develop it can be helpful to use tools that are specifically designed for Facebook. These tools generally integrate well into the Facebook platform. 

One way to create interaction and interesting content is to use surveys. Zoomerang recently released its new Surveys and Polls for Facebook application as a way for you to easily create surveys embedded within your agency Facebook page. Because it is specifically designed for Facebook, your “friends” will have a better and seamless experience. 

The free application not only allows users to poll their friends on their thoughts and ideas directly on Facebook, but also provides real-time feedback. 

Agencies can survey customers and prospects on their opinions towards certain products or services as well as what they would like to see offered, giving agencies key, real-time insights into client and prospect attitudes. 

As an added benefit, users can add photos and video in their question and answer choices. You can also show real-time survey results right on your Facebook page. Plus, Facebook sharing options allow the survey or poll to spread virally to reach people beyond the agency’s immediate network. 

There is no cost for the Zoomerang Facebook App on your agency page. 

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For a short video on the Zoomerang services check out:

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