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By on Oct 27, 2011

LinkedIn is a great social technology platform for networking with business associates. At a minimum, every producer should have a LinkedIn profile. But I think it can be an advantage if every person in an agency has a LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn has made it easier to connect with people you went to college with by launching LinkedIn Classmates. This new tool gives you access to what your fellow alums are doing in their post-college lives. It highlights what they’ve accomplished since graduating, and gives you an opportunity to reconnect with those alums who might be interested in helping you. 

LinkedIn Classmates also gives you the opportunity to track career trends based on where your school’s alumni work, what they do and where they live now. You just might discover an alumni working at a company that is in your targeted prospect list. LinkedIn Classmates gives you access to that data quickly and easily, making it an ideal tool for gathering insights and reconnecting with individuals. 

This new view is not limited to college — it includes all of the schools you’ve entered into your LinkedIn profile. There’s also an option to see people who attended during specific years, and those who graduated in a specific year. You can also join your alumni group from a link on the page. 

While some alumni might prefer not to list the year they graduated, you can still find them using an easy toggle feature to grab a list of everyone who attended your school, regardless of graduation date. 

LinkedIn Classmates 

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