Maximizing Your Agency’s Internet Presence

By on Sep 22, 2011

For the last two years, I have talked about social technologies and how agencies should experiment with these new communication tools. 

Agencies are beginning to not just talk about using social web tools but are beginning to experiment with using these tools to get their jobs done, with greater efficiency, more effectiveness, and with a broader reach. The social web is being used increasingly by everyday people to do their jobs and stay in touch with people in their lives. 

For some agencies, the experiments they have implemented over the last few years are evolving into best practices. The debate over whether the social web belongs in an insurance organization is starting to be answered. It is becoming more obvious that these conversational tools belong everywhere. 

Agencies are also realizing that being found by prospects and clients on the Web involves much more than just using social tools. Maximizing an agency’s overall Internet presence is much more important than just being on Facebook and having a LinkedIn profile. 
A few agencies are starting to learn about local search and are claiming their Google and Facebook places. They are rethinking their website strategy to include multiple websites, an agency blog, a YouTube channel, as well as pictures, audio, and video. Agencies are beginning to use search engine optimization and marketing to bring buyers to their newly developed sales websites. 

“Maximizing Your Agency’s Internet Presence,” an article I wrote for my newsletter, explains how any agency can be found online. You can download a copy by clicking here.

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