Insurance License Compliance Just Got Easier

By on Sep 8, 2011

The typical agency markets their products and services to individuals and businesses in their town, city, or county. However, agencies that use the Internet as a marketing tool are realizing that their marketing reach is only limited by their imagination. The Internet allows agencies to sell virtually anywhere. 

The problem, however, is making sure the agency and producers are properly licensed in each state where they have a marketing presence. This can be an administrative nightmare for agencies trying to keep up on the compliance requirements for multiple states. 

Sircon’s ProducerEDGE is a web-based service that streamlines the management of insurance license compliance for agencies and for individual producers who are managing their own licensing, education, and renewals. Best of all, Sircon ProducerEDGE is free. 

ProducerEDGE helps any producer keep track of all of their licenses, renewal dates, related lines of authority, continuing education information, and more, in one convenient, dashboard-style online location. It provides unique, direct access to trusted licensing information through a direct connection with the National Producer Database (PDB). 

This connection ensures that the important information you rely on (like renewal dates and line of authority expirations) is supplied by the states themselves. 

Some of the services you can utilize with ProducerEDGE include sending you email reminders when any of your licenses approach expiration or a reminder when an application changes status with a specific state. From a single Web browser, you can easily perform necessary administrative tasks and easily help ensure your own compliance. 

Once you create an account and input your license information, the system will access the National Producer Database and retrieve license information from every state where you hold a license. Sircon pays the cost for this initial account setup data load. 

After the initial account setup you can manually manage license compliance for any state. Sircon hopes you will see the value in managing your license compliance automatically and be willing to pay them a small fee in the future to have the service automatically update your license information. 

Sircon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vertafore. 

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