Print Just What You Want

By on Aug 18, 2011

Electronic documents make it easy to be able to store and retrieve information contained in those documents. Yet, sometimes, you just need to print out information from a website on a piece of paper. is a totally free website that allows you to remove unwanted content from web pages prior to printing so just the information that you want is printed out. It’s simple and it works. Here’s how to use it:

    1. Go to and enter a URL into the provided box and click the Start button.
    2.  The webpage you entered is loaded into your browser window with controls on the left-hand side. As you move your mouse over the website, blocks of information on the page are highlighted in a red border. When you click one of these blocks, a small box of options will display, allowing you several editing options. One option is to completely remove what is contained within the box.
    3. Other options include hiding background graphics and colors and hiding all images on the page.
    4. Once you’re satisfied that all of the information that you don’t want printed has been removed, simply select the Print button and print as you normally would.
    5. The content you see on your screen is printed out on a standard piece of paper.

Storing information electronically is certainly the best way to go, except when you just simply need that piece of paper. At least helps you cut down on the number of pages that are actually printed out.

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