Brainstorm the Perfect Domain

By on Jul 7, 2011

I’ve been telling agents for a number of years that they need to have more than one website.

Your current agency website should be primarily focused on customer service activities. You then need to create multiple marketing websites that are designed for a specific business niche. A number of agencies are finding success using what I call “single-purpose websites.”

It can be difficult, however, to find domain names (also known as URLs) that are specific to the particular niche website.

Panabee is a domain name search tool that will help you brainstorm ideas on website domain names for your new marketing sites.

Panabee will not only help you find a dot-com domain, it will also help you brainstorm a good domain name by bringing in various elements such as alternative endings, variations of the terms you enter, related terms, and inspiration from other sources including Twitter, Google, and Wikipedia.

For all of the name variations, Panabee will also check to see if the domain names are available to register.

Creating a good domain name for your marketing website is an important element to increasing its visibility to the search engines. Panabee streamlines the process of choosing just the right website address.


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