Social Networking within Outlook

By on Jun 23, 2011

A little know Outlook add-in, available for free from Microsoft, brings Facebook and LinkedIn information about people right into Outlook.

Outlook Social Connector (OSC) allows you to expand your social networks and stay up to date without leaving Outlook.

When you receive an email, OSC looks for that person (or persons if there are multiple recipients) in Facebook and LinkedIn based on their email address. If the email matches an account, information is displayed about the person in a new panel at the bottom of the Preview Pane.

In addition to their activities on social networks, you can also click on a contact’s name to see other emails and attachments he or she has sent you, and meetings you have attended together.

If the person is not a Facebook friend or part of your LinkedIn network, you can send a request to connect directly from Outlook.

The information you see is based on people’s privacy settings in each platform. You will only see information they are allowing you to see. Outlook Social Connector has been updated to work with Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Outlook Social Connector

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