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By on Jun 9, 2011

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The 2011 version of our agency productivity survey appeared in the January issue of The Anderson Agency Report. For the second time, we also invited those of you who subscribe to this TechTips newsletter to complete the survey. I thought I’d let you know the results.

I always emphasize that this survey is by no means scientific. The results are not statistically validated. Such is the nature of a survey in which the participants are self-selected. The value of the survey is that it can provide an agency a picture of what they are using, or not using, to increase their overall productivity and effectiveness. This is all measured against my understanding of how a “model” agency could operate using current technology.

The results at a glance

This year’s survey had a total of 81 questions, two fewer than last year. This is a reflection of the continuing rapid change in technology. The survey questions are grouped into operational sections: there are questions about management, administration, and infrastructure as well as sales, customer service, and communication.

Overall, most agencies scored well on the first part of the survey and not as well on the second half. We were able to separate TAAR subscribers from non-subscribers. On average, subscribers had higher scores than other agencies.

Agencies continue to improve their utilization of technology, especially for “back-office” functions. But there is room to improve when using technology for customer service, marketing, sales, and communication. Use of technology tools in marketing and sales continues to have the lowest utilization scores.

The highest possible score on this year’s survey was 228. Palmer & Associates, located in Glastonbury, Conn. (a TAAR subscriber), scored the highest, with 211 points. This agency has four employees and uses AMS360. Their high score highlights a trend I have been observing: small agencies are using new technologies to make a big impact.

The lowest score was 11 for subscribers and -51 (yes, you can receive a negative score) for non-subscribers. I like to think that the information provided in TAAR each month delivers information and motivation for subscribing agencies to maximize the benefit they receive from their technology investment.

This year’s average score increased, which we see as a very good trend. All surveys were completed online.

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