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By on Mar 31, 2011

(Since the original writing of this article, Google has changed the name of Hotpot to Google Places.)

Google has a new service called Hotpot, a personalized recommendation engine based on what you like and what your friends like. Google Hotpot allows you to write a review about your experience (good or bad) with a business. This new service uses Google Places information and overlays reviews and rating.

As you add more reviews and ratings, Hotpot will recommend places based on how you’ve rated similar things. As is normal for Google, they will remember your searches. For example, if you searched in Google or Google Maps for a location, Hotpot will remember and bring it up when you go there.

Hotpot can help your agency increase its find-ability on a search result. As with Google Places, Google draws on photo, review, and location information from other websites for Hotpot. And they credit those sites accordingly. If you can optimize your agency site to be the source for those reviews and photos, you may get some additional clicks from those viewing the Hotpot pages.

Here are some ideas on how to maximize the benefit to your agency of Hotpot.

    1. Claim your Google Place. This is a mandatory first step.
    2. Make sure you use appropriate keywords in your Places listing.
    3. Include a photo (but not of your building!).
    4. Google loves video. Make sure your Places page has at least one and make sure your website includes video.

Once this is set up, send clients to the Hotpot account so they can rate you. This is a key step. If you are afraid of being rated then improve your service.

Let me know your results!

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