Mobile Memory Aid

By on Mar 24, 2011

ReQall (Recall with a Q) is a memory aid that enables you to record voice memos via a smartphone or regular phone, have those messages transcribed, and then sent to you via e-mail (like Jott, but better). The software uses natural-language processing and some additional analysis to determine whether you’re dictating a calendar item or to-do list entry.

For example, if you say, “Meet with Steve at Starbucks Five Points next Thursday at 3 p.m.,” reQall knows that this is a meeting, knows the location is Starbucks, figures out what dates you meant by “next Thursday,” and adds the item to your calendar for Thursday at 3:00 p.m.

If you say, “Pick up milk at Circle K on Belmont Avenue by 4 p.m.,” you’ll get a calendar entry, probably with a Google map link, and a reminder beforehand.

For an outside producer or agency owner on the go, this service is a must-have.

There are apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones. You can also use a standard landline to create your reminders. You probably have your phone handy more often than you have paper and a pen nearby. If inspiration hits, you could thumb-in text notes on your handset — or, better yet — try reQall for automatic voice transcription.

You call a special phone number and speak your message (up to 30 seconds), and reQall writes it down. Depending on what you say, it will even store your notes contextually, adding items you want to buy to a shopping list or scheduling meetings in your calendar, for example. But I like it just as much for recording my random notes and automatically emailing them to myself — or my contacts — without having to type.

There is a free version and a Pro version for only $25 per year.


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