Turn Scanned Docs Into Text… With Free OCR

By on Mar 3, 2011

OCR (optical character recognition) turns pictures of text into a document that you can edit. For example, you could read a photo of a book page, but put that graphic page through OCR software and you will be able to perform searches on that page’s contents or make changes to it in any text editor.

Typically, you would have to pay for such software or get it bundled with a scanner you purchase, and it can be quite expensive. Now you can access free OCR tools online.

Using the OCR Terminal website service, you can import up to 20 pages of documents each month for free. Just upload your items as PDFs or JPEGs, or in other image formats, and the site will convert those images to Word, text, and other document formats. Then you simply download the best format for your needs, and use it as you would any other document.

If you have a need for more than 20 pages per month there is a pay as you go plan as well as three different subscription plans.

OCR Terminal

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