Sorting E-mail in Outlook

By on Feb 24, 2011

Since Outlook is used by most agencies to manage e-mails, I continue to look for tips and techniques that will help you use Outlook to its fullest. Here is a little tip on how you can sort e-mail.

The ability to sort e-mails by multiple columns at the same time is a lesser-known feature in Outlook.

All you need to do is hold down the Shift key while clicking on the column header for one column, and continue to hold the Shift key down while you click on another column.

This can be very handy for more advanced sorting on the fly. For instance, you could sort by sender, and then by message size, to find the biggest file from a particular sender. It’s one of those tiny, but very useful tricks that we love to find.

Try it now and see how it might help you find just the right e-mail.

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